Q - What are your hours?

A - I am currently shooting on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday day times and early evening, and Saturdays during the day. I do not shoot on Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday. Studio sessions are available during these times, please notify me in advance if you prefer a studio session.

Q - What do I need to bring to my session?

A - I recommend putting a lot of thought and effort into your hair, makeup and wardrobe. Coordinate colors as wanted, but remember bright colors tend to look best on camera, or you can wear something simple such as jeans and a white t-shirt. If you have children in your group, remember to bring an extra change of clothes for them, just in case life happens during your session, and you are in need of a wardrobe change.

Q - Do you offer packages?

A - Yes! Check out the pricing page for more information.

Q - Why don't you charge a session fee?

A - There are a few reasons, but the main reason is, I want you to love your pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them. Plus, I want to guarantee you beautiful memories for a lifetime, with minimal stress during your shoot. Often times, we schedule a session, and your children may not be excited to be there, children are children and they aren’t always going to give the big beautiful smiles you hope for, so why pay up front for a session if you don’t know the outcome? Secondly, I want you to be happy with the photos you receive. If you don't like your photos, you don't pay for them. Simple as that. Finally, I know photography is important. Preserving family memories is a vital part of our history and our heritage. I also know that finding the right photographer and right style can be an expensive process. I would like to encourage families to preserve their memories, without having to pay for sessions that may not fit their lifestyle or personality.

Q - What time of day is best to photograph in?


A - I typically like to shoot 1-2 hours before sunset, or in the early morning. Seniors and engagement sessions often take longer, so expect 3 hours before sunset.

Q - What if it rains?

A - If it rains, we will reschedule. I don't want my equipment to get wet, and you don't want to look soggy and cold in your photos. Plus, we live in Phoenix, a rainstorm is hardly ever a "calm shower" here :)

Q - Can you remove my zits, whiten my teeth, and take an extra 10 lbs off my belly?

A - I can remove small facial blemishes, and whiten teeth, however, I will not do major editing of photos. I don't remove weight, or alter your actual physical appearance. I capture life, as it is.

Q - When and where can I view my portraits?

A - I will offer a sneak peek on facebook or via email within a few days of your session, and a download link with a password will be sent to you within a week. Your album will be on line for 10 days, in which time you will be able to decide which prints or package you would like to purchase.

Q - What if I need to cancel my session?

A - I understand that you may need to reschedule or even cancel. However, because I've booked special time for you, and reserved it, if the cancellation comes within 72 hours of your session, it may be subject to a cancellation fee.

Q - I know we took more photos than that, how come you didn't send them all?

A - I carefully cull through all of your images and select the best ones.  I remove photos where perhaps someone in your group blinked, the lighting wasn't exactly right, or positioning was not what I expected.  This way, when you receive your photos, you only have the best of the best to look at, and share with your family.

Q - I/my husband/my cousin/my mother/my uncle (etc.) can edit photos.  Will you please send me all the unedited images so that we can edit them ourselves?

A - As is standard in the photography industry, I do not release any unedited or RAW files.  Additionally, anything that didn't make the final culling and fit my rigorous standards are deleted.


Q - What payment methods do you accept?

A - I accept cash, and all major credit cards.

Q - Why do you require a credit card when booking a session if you do not charge session fees?

A - I am reserving special time for you and your family. A credit card number simply holds your place, and ensures that I do not schedule over your time slot. If for some reason we need to cancel your session, your card may be charged a cancellation fee, but never without prior notice to you.